IPAC 2600 Series - Stopping Corrosion in its Tracks

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We’re never satisfied. It’s what keeps us innovative and makes us the experts in additives. Our technical team is at the forefront of innovation, using stringent laboratory testing and technical data to analyze what’s available in the market and create something better. This rigorous process is what led to the creation of the IPAC 2600 series of yellow metal corrosion inhibitors. Based on specific chemical alterations, our new corrosion inhibitors and EP agents do what others can’t—offer greatly improved protection at a reduced cost.

  • Excellent solubility in a wide range of lubricants and greases
  • Product range covers both sulfur scavengers and yellow metal surface passivators

For optimal performance that won’t weigh down your budget, add the IPAC 2600 series to your protection package.