IPAC additives help lubricants protect engines, transmissions, gearboxes and a wide range of equipment with moving parts from wear, deposits, corrosion, water and high operating temperatures. Our additives are used in oils, fluids and greases to meet the most stringent oil industry, government and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) Products specifications.

IPAC's additive packages are carefully balanced to deliver performance in the midst of a challenging and changing marketplace. Our additives are designed to meet the widest range of lubricant applications. When combined with your base oils, fuels or greases, these additives are designed to meet the performance requirements for your application. IPAC will work with you to insure your products meet or surpass all specifications and requirements.

IPAC has expertise and packages for virtually every category of lubricants, including the following:

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  • Automotive & Industrial Gear Oils
  • Marine Engine Oils, including Marine Cylinder Oils (MCOs), Trunk Piston Engine Oils (TPEO) and System Oils (SO)
  • Passenger Car and Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Oils
  • Tractor Hydraulic Fluids including UTTO and STOU additives
  • Polymers including Viscosity Index Improvers, Pour Point Depressants, Tackifiers and Thickeners
  • Grease Additives
  • After Market Products
  • A Wide Range of Components for Anti-wear, Extreme Pressure, Friction Modification and Corrosion Inhibition
  • Fuel Additives
  • Automatic and Manual Transmission Fluids
  • Hydraulic Oils



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