Automatic and Manual Transmission Fluid Additives

IPAC's ATF Additives are low ash packages formulated to meet the performance requirements of most transmissions. Our packages provide superior thermal and oxidative stability, corrosion and wear protection, antishudder durability and optimized frictional properties, as well as sludge and deposit prevention performance.

Multipurpose ATF. Many vehicles on the road today were built before 2006 and still call for a multipurpose ATF fluid. IPAC 9220 and IPAC 9222 can be formulated with Group II stocks to make a multipurpose fluid suitable for these General Motors, Ford Motor Company and other makes requiring a high-performance, multi-purpose, power transmission fluid. 

Multivehicle ATF.  IPAC 9348 is a premium multi-vehicle additive designed to serve the broadest range of vehicles. With this additive, you can streamline your offering for a complex marketplace as it offers superior, well-balanced performance. See what IPAC 9348 can do for you.

Tractor and Offroad Additives

Our Tractor Hydraulic Additives work for all major tractor OEMs, providing excellent protection against gear wear including wet gears. This is combined with great brake chatter performance and brake and clutch capacity. Our additives also provide excellent oxidative and thermal stability and are proven in field performance.

Gear Additives

Our gear packages are designed for inclusion in lubricants for automotive, heavy-duty truck, and bus manual transmissions and rear axles. IPAC Automotive & Industrial Gear Additives help prevent wear, pitting, spalling, and scoring; protect against oxidation, rust, copper corrosion and foaming; and promote longer tooth life and smoother gear changes. Compare our products to our competitors. Click here to view our formulation suggestions using IPAC 9500 series gear additives.


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