IPAC's passenger-car engine oil additives focus on delivering performance against the latest requirements, by first continuing to prevent wear and deposit buildup but also improving the engine oil's contribution to fuel economy. Our packages also increase the oil's resistance to oxidation and deterioration at high temperatures. We offer a wide range of products to meet today's current and past specifications.

Two Cycle

IPAC's two stroke engine oil additives deliver oustanding performance whether you are formulating for air cooled or water cooled applications.  Our packages are designed with the correct ash levels for these applications and also increase the oil's resistance to oxidation and deterioration at low, mid and high temperatures. 

Natural Gas

Our natural gas packages are balanced dispersant-inhibitor multifunctional additive packages formulated to provide superior deposit control and protection against wear, oil oxidation and oil nitration in high-output natural gas engines. 

Four Stroke Motorcycle

IPAC provides packages specifically designed for the needs of four stroke motorcycles.  These are balanced, multifunctional dispersant-inhibitor additive packages designed for engine oils where JASO MA or MA-2 (T903: 2006) are required.


This evolving and growing market is undergoing significant changes in emission control and engine designs, and IPAC provides the latest additive technology to meet these technical challenges.  With the introduction of Emission Control Areas (ECAs), the variety sulfur content in fuels is more variable than ever. IPAC has customized marine additives that will help you meet the latest requirements.


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