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IPAC Launches new Corrosion Inhibitor IPAC 2633

IPAC is pleased to annouce the launch of a new corrosion inhibitor, IPAC 2633. Whether dealing with corrosion in an engine oil, a gear fluid, an automatic transmission fluid or a wide range of other lubrication applications, IPAC 2633 will provide outstanding protection. IPAC 2633 is a yellow metal deactivator (YMD) and prevents metal catalyzed oxidation reactions in fuels, greases and lubricants. Although copper resists many corrosive environments, it does tarnish and may corrode under many circumstances. Recently IPAC discovered a modification to certain thiadiazole chemistry that provides higher performance at lower treat rates, offering the opportunity to reduce costs without sacrifice in performance. The data show that tarnish or corrosion control for copper, brass and bronze can be reduced by using IPAC 2629C, which was launched not too long ago.

Subsequent to the success of IPAC 2629C, additional chemistries were evaluated and developed, leading to an alternative product, IPAC 2633.  While the IPAC 2629C excels particularly well in high and or active sulfur fluids, IPAC 2633 has a more well rounded response to a wider range of fluids including transmission, engine oil and various industrial fluids.  Formulators are encouraged to check both IPAC 2633 and IPAC 2629C in the formulas.  Both products form a strongly bonded and a chemisorbed barrier film that protects copper and its alloys in various environments such as lubricants, and various fluids. In addition, they can scavenge active sulfur that also causes corrosion of yellow metal. At certain levels, these products may also enhance extreme pressure (EP) performance.

Contact your IPAC sales agent today to learn more about the latest addition to our corrosion inhibitor line, IPAC 2633.