With IPAC, you have access to everything you need in an additives partner:

High-Performance Additives

We develop and manufacture cost-effective components and additive packages that are carefully balanced for peak performance in a challenging and changing marketplace. Our additives meet the widest range of lubricant applications, and they meet or surpass the most stringent industry, government and OEM specifications.

Custom Solutions

Our unique offerings and strong technical expertise differentiate IPAC. When developing additives, our technical team analyzes current offerings in the marketplace and creates new, improved products backed by stringent laboratory testing and technical data in line with the latest requirements and specifications. Our team can also develop custom formulations designed specifically to meet your needs. The results are value-added, unique additive systems that help set you apart from the competition.

Personal Service and Mentorship

Personal service is part of the package with IPAC. We’re easily accessible, so you can reach the team members you need, when you need them. We pride ourselves on listening to your needs and providing sound and cost-effective solutions. We’ve even served as mentors for our customers as they develop their team and their products.

Supply Chain Relationships

Beyond developing personal connections with our customers, we build strong relationships throughout the supply chain. This helps ensure security of supply at the lowest possible costs.

Flexibility and Efficiency

We offer the support, choices and flexibility that make doing business easier. Our customers benefit from timely quotes, quick answers and prompt turnaround times. We adapt to changing customer needs, solve challenges quickly and even create and disseminate new products with surprising efficiency.