Safety & Quality

At IPAC, we consider safety as our first priority. It is a core value for our company, integral to our culture and fundamental to everything we do. We believe that the most important thing each day is for every employee to go home safe and healthy. We value and seek out individuals who share our core values and are committed to integrity and excellence in our business practices.

We are proud of our safety record at IPAC, and if a safety incident does occur, we not only investigate it fully but also take action to prevent any future recurrence. We continually educate our global workforce on safety protocols and updates.

When it comes to quality, we strive to provide full customer satisfaction in terms of our products, our service and our relationships. We focus on understanding our customer’s requirements and concerns, and work to meet those needs in every way. Specifically, we strive to:

  • Deliver high-quality products that meet or exceed requirements under all reasonable circumstances
  • Provide efficient, customer-focused services that help our customers achieve the highest performance levels
  • Provide full details about IPAC products so that our customers can make informed purchasing decisions

At IPAC, we are focused on continuous product quality improvement. We invite you to approach us with any quality-related questions, whether they relate to IPAC products, your products, or even a competitor’s products. It is our goal and deliverable to enhance quality in our industries and markets, and your satisfaction of performance as a whole is key to our joint success.