Technical News

IPAC Releases New Specification Manual

Midlothian, VA - IPAC Technology Center - International Petroleum Products and Additives Company, IPAC Inc., has just released a brand new version of their Specification Manual, or handbook as some would call it, compiled and updated recently by IPAC's technical staff.  In this most recent edition, IPAC has updated the SAE J306 specification reflecting the new version released earlier this year.  IPAC has also added additional details for some older tractor specifications, including Deere's obsolete J20A specification. 

Even though this specification is obsolete, understanding how the older J20A specification compares to the current J20C is important in understanding how an economy tractor fluid must perform as compared to current fluid.  "It appears there are many misperceptions in the market, particularly where tractor fluids are concerned, and having a manual that correctly compares obsolete specifications to current ones goes a long way in clearing up what can be a confusing market space," says Dr. Jeff Crow, Senior Vice President of Technology for IPAC.  The new Specification Manual is a valuable collection of widely used current as well as historical industry specifications. IPAC aims to provide an authoritative source for specifications for a wide range of lubricant segments including crankcase oils, industrial oils, driveline fluids and offroad lubricants.  To access this valuable information, IPAC customers can log in to the IPAC portal on the website and download the PDF file directly.  IPAC hopes customers find this handbook a useful reference tool and source of information.