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IPAC announces the opening of a new Research and Technical Center

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Dublin, CA - On October 1, 2010, IPAC announced the opening of a new Technology and Research Center in Midlothian, Virginia. The facility will handle organic synthesis and component development, in addition to additive and finished fluid testing.

Dr. Jeff Crow, Vice President of Technology, commented “This facility will streamline developmental projects and also improve our ability to support our customers.” Commenting further, “In addition to synthesis work, this facility will be used to develop new analytical techniques, never before seen in the industry, which offer additional insights into the performance of our additive systems being developed. IPAC will continue to use outside laboratories as independent test facilities to document the performance of our products. Over the past five years, IPAC has focused on developing the most complete datasets available in the industry for the performance of our products. As a smaller player going up against much larger competitors, this is very important for us and IPAC will continue to deliver in this aspect.”

Steve Plitt, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, stated “This will be an enormous advantage for IPAC and our sales efforts. With this new technology center, we are now able to confirm what we have known for several years, but our customers and the industry can now see, firsthand, the amount of time and effort we put into our chemistry and the development of our finished products. IPAC will be able to add to the datasets that we have now and demonstrate leadership in future development in the global additive marketplace.”
IPAC is an additive and component manufacturing and sales company based in Dublin, California, with manufacturing capabilities in Illinois, Louisiana, Texas and California. IPAC celebrated its 10th anniversary this past February and will continue its long-term growth in the Automotive, Heavy Duty, Industrial, Driveline, Chemical and Fuel Additive marketplace. IPAC was named in a recent industry publication as one of 5 major additive sellers in the US.