Technical News

QuickBlend 5.0 Released

A new version of QuickBlend has been released and is available on the IPAC website. This version has a new and improved user interface. It also includes easier methods of editing the database as well as managing the work space. There are also various means of saving and distributing blends such as through a spreadsheet, or copying it directly to your clipboard. The program also features a way for check for updates.  

QuickBlend 5.0 also has new calculators, such as a variety of shear stability related calculations (i.e., Shear Stability Index, After Shear Viscosity, and Percent Shear Loss). Another calculator determines the coefficient of thermal expansion.

The download page also contains a tutorial video that demonstrates how to install the program and how to most effectively utilize it.

Contact IPAC today about access to this exciting new software that can assist you in optimizing your formulations.