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IPAC announces new warehouse in the EU

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Dublin -- International Petroleum Products & Additives Company (IPAC, Inc.) today announced the opening of a new warehouse in the European Union (EU). The warehouse is located in Rotterdam, Netherlands and contains a variety of IPAC products, specific to the market of that region. The warehouse serves as an expeditor for customers in Europe, Asia and parts of Africa wishing to purchase LTL orders or samples of products. As IPAC continues to grow in the EU and obtain new customers, delivering product in a timely manner is critical. The warehouse allows many of its international customers to receive orders much more efficiently.

IPAC is committed to our customers and the industry as we continually develop, test and launch new products that will give the lubricant blenders another option when considering quality additive systems. For more information regarding IPAC’s warehouse in the EU or any other IPAC news please visit or contact any IPAC employee.