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IPAC celebrates the 1st year of the Success at Field Test Site

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Field testing is an important part of the development and validation of IPAC’s lubricant products. From crankcase to driveline to industrial applications, IPAC follows a complete matrix of bench and engine tests with this critical phase of research by utilizing vehicles in the field to verify results. This field performance of our additives along with comparative data under actual operation conditions is an important part of what we do.

IPAC celebrates the 1 year anniversary of working with Ramsey Construction in southern Virginia as one of our key field testing sites. At the Ramsey site, IPAC focuses primarily on the performance of our tractor, gear, hydraulic and diesel engine products. Most recently, IPAC has expanded field test validation of IPAC 9110, our premium tractor additive. In addition to running fluids based on IPAC 9110 in a number of different tractors, IPAC also conducts specific tests such as brake capacity and brake torque variation.

Jeff Crow, V.P. of Technology at IPAC states, “This field test facility adds considerably to our capability to study our additive technology versus the competition. With such a wide range of vehicles to utilize, as well as a helpful staff to assist us in changing out parts and fill vehicles with test fluid, and then logging all this data during the course of the field study, we are now verifying more than ever before what we see in laboratory and engine tests. Being able to validate the performance of our additives in the field is a critical part of what we do for our customers.” Crow went on to say that “operators at the field test site not only provide good feedback on our additive systems, but also point out areas where other fluids have failed them, giving us valuable insights into areas of improvement we might otherwise not known about. In this manner, our field test facilities are invaluable assets to us and our customers.”

IPAC is an additive and component manufacturing and sales company based in Dublin, California, with manufacturing capabilities in Illinois, Louisiana, Texas and California. IPAC technical and research center is located in Midlothian, VA. IPAC has sales offices throughout the United States and the Middle East. In addition it has supply capability of their products globally. IPAC’s mission is to continue its long-term growth in the Automotive, Heavy Duty, Industrial, Driveline, Chemical and Fuel Additive marketplace.