Technical News

IPAC Specification Manual Updated with SN Plus and Information on Seq IX Low Speed Pre-Ignition Testing

IPAC has recently updated their Specifications Manual for Fall 2018, including the latest on SN Plus and Low Speed Pre-Ignition as tested by the new Sequence IX test.  

This 250 page manual is available as a download for IPAC customers and all registered users.  It is a key tool for formulators and technologists in the lubrication field and includes sections on driveline, industrial, off-highway and crankcase.  It also includes a reference section in the back with key information such as viscosity tables and charts, base stock viscosities, density conversions and a newly added shear stability calculations page.

"We stay abreast of specification updates in a wide range of categories, such as offroad and driveline", says Troy Haynes, Research Chemist at IPAC.  "For instance, some of the newest requirements such as CNH's MAT 3540 require higher shear stability than ever before.  By using IPAC's specification manual, customers are able to stay informed on the latest requirements."

In addition to updating the manual for SN Plus, IPAC has also updated other information in the engine oil category.  "IPAC is leading the way in making sure cascadable packages can satisfy the most current level of requirements, and can be used across the broadest range of specifications.  Furthermore, we develop our product line to help customers make sure they can maximize the coverage for their products, but we also assist our customers to avoid listing products that are not compatible." says Jeff Crow, Sr. V.P. of Technology.  "One of the latest features in our specification manual is a cross-reference for what can be listed together and what is incompatible, due to, for instance, differences in allowable ash content.  If they don't overlap, marketers should not be listing them together.  Using our manual, they can quickly see areas of overlap or areas of potential concern."

Current registered users are encouraged to download the latest specification manual [Specification Manual Link], and to also check back frequently as the manual is updated regularly.  Also, if there are any requests for specifications to be added, please contact IPAC and we will do what we can to accomodate all requests.