Technical News

IPAC Updates and Extends Slideway Formulation Bulletin

IPAC has recently updated their Formulation Guide for Slideway Lubricants, which now includes new formulation approaches for even the most demanding of slideway applications, including those requiring Extreme Pressure (EP) protection.  

This formulation guide and bulletin is available as a download for IPAC customers and all registered users.  It is a key tool for formulators and technologists wanting to formulate a wide range of Slideway Lubricants.  

"The formulation details provided in this bulletin help our customers build lubricant products for the specific demands of machine tool slides, tables and feed mechanisms", says Jeff Crow, Sr. V.P. of Technology at IPAC.  "They not only provide best in class demulsibility, long oil life and protection, they also provide enhanced frictional properties leading to less stick slip."

In addition to additive options, the bulletin also provides details on options for tackifier and several levels of frictional performance.  The tackifier option allows formulators to build in slideway adhesion.  All of these parameters lead to satisfied end-users who get efficient machining accuracy and also reliable protection for their equipment.  This is especially important in high precision low speed machines.

Current registered users are encouraged to download the bulletin, and to also check back frequently as IPAC continually updates datasheets, bulletins and formulation guides.