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IPAC Updates Specification Manual with Guide to Base Oil Refiners and Products

IPAC has just released a new version of their acclaimed Lubricants Industry Specification Manual, adding a new guide to base oil refiners and their products.  This compilation of base oils with characteristics and properties provides blenders and marketers a valuable resource for comparing properties and knowing what is available in the industry.

"This is the second or third release of our specification manual this year alone as we work to stay abreast of changes in the industry," said Jeff Crow, Sr. Vice President of Technology at IPAC.  "Just recently we added a J20A specification, and this has proven invaluable as the industry focuses on obsolete specifications.  Knowing what test stands are required and what their status is turns out to be more important than ever.  Now with this latest release, we have created a base oil refiner overview, including their products and properties.  It is up to date and includes even the latest updates made by Chevron in July of this year, for instance.  It is not until you collect all of this in one table that you can really dig in and see key differences, and these differences are essential to blending and formulating.  We have focused on North America refiners initially but will expand this to other regions as well in the coming months."

If you do not already have access to IPAC's gated website, contact your sales representative today to gain access to this latest specification manual, as well as a host of other helpful tools and information for lubricant blenders and marketers.