Technical News

IPAC updates Lubricant Specification Handbook for new CK-4 and FA-4

IPAC has recently updated their Specifications Manual for 2017, including the latest API specifications CK-4 and FA-4 coverage.  This 250 page manual is available as a download for IPAC customers by logging into the website.  It is designed to be a key tool for formulators and all technicians in the lubrication field and includes sections on driveline, industrial, off-highway and crankcase.  It also includes a reference section in the back with key information such as viscosity tables and charts, base stock viscosities, density conversions and a newly added shear stability calculations page.

"We added the shear stability calculations most recently, not only to QuickBlend, but also to the specifications manual because we often find it to be one of the lesser understood elements of lubricants, yet increasingly important", says Alvin Palmer, Technical Service Manager at IPAC.  "For instance, many don't realize you can fairly accurately calculate after shear viscosity by simply knowing your beginning viscosity, the SSI of the VII and the viscosity of the base oils.  The same is true for calculating shear loss."

In addition to updates in the engine oil area, IPAC has also updated information in the other categories as well.  "We get asked about some of the lesser known yet current specifications in the tractor area, for instance," says Jeff Crow, Sr. V.P. of Technology.  "This is an area where shear stability is more and more important, and some of the newer specifications have much more severe after shear viscosity requirements."