Extensively field tested, robust additives that provide best in class protection for ship engines



As the evolving marine market undergoes significant changes in emission control and engine designs, we provide the latest additive technology to meet your technical challenges.

IPAC 3325, our latest product in this area, is an additive package used to formulate marine diesel cylinder oils (MCL). It provides the robust acid neutralization necessary in MCL applications, along with enhanced thermal and oxidative stability. This additive is specially formulated for a very high rate of acid neutralization, thanks to components that quickly neutralize acids before they can reach the cylinder walls and cause corrosive wear. It is also a BN booster for our trunk piston oil additive, IPAC 3389.

IPAC 3325 has outperformed major brands of commercial cylinder oils in extensive field and lab testing, particularly in reducing wear and piston deposits.   MAN B&W gave IPAC 3325 a No Objection Letter for use in all crosshead engine designs when used with specific base oils and following its latest crosshead engine lubrication guidelines.



Below:  IPAC's Marine Director Terry Friesen oversees on-board lubricant inspections.


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