IPAC fuel additives are designed to effectively reduce deposits on the valves and combustion chamber of automobiles. They reduce cold-start problems and emissions while improving fuel efficiency. These additives can be added in small quantities to gasoline or diesel fuels to improve performance, correct deficiencies or achieve another desired effect.


Our gasoline additives cover a wide range of needed upgrades for typical gasoline burning engines, including detergents, demulsifiers and antioxidants. Of particular note, the polybutene-amine-based IPAC 1005 is an ashless dispersant inhibitor gasoline additive package that provides excellent engine protection and cleanliness. Recommended for all grades of gasoline and gasoline-containing oxygenates, it is specifically designed to maintain and clean up fouled multi-port fuel injectors and carburetors, and to remove deposits from intake valves and ports.



From diesel fuel depot treatment to aftermarket shelves, we offer numerous choices to improve the quality of your fuels. Detergents, cetane improvers, fuel flow improvers and fuel stabilizers are among the efficient performance additives you can employ to improve your products and broaden your product portfolio into new areas.


Combined Gas and Diesel

We also offer the succinimide-based IPAC 270-70D, designed for both gas and diesel, which has additional components to aid demulsification and miscibility. As the chemistry of choice when dealing with deposit-forming substances in fuels, this package is particularly effective against combustion chamber deposits on and around constricted areas of the engine in contact with fuel.