Viscosity Index Improvers

Whether you prefer solids or liquids, we offer a full range of viscosity index improvers (VIIs) designed to improve a lubricant’s range of effective viscosity. Unlike many polymers currently sold as VIIs, our carefully selected polymers are designed specifically for the lubricants market. They effectively thicken oil as temperature increases, extending the lubricating effect across a wider temperature range.

A balance between thickening efficiency and shear stability is important when selecting a polymer for use as a viscosity improver. IPAC VIIs give you the highest possible degree of thermal and oxidative stability when added into your formulations and blends. These components are primarily used in multi-grade engine oils, gear oils, automatic transmission fluids, power steering fluids greases and some hydraulic fluids. We also provide guidance on setting up operations to dissolve solid polymer and blend VIIs in house as well as machinery considerations for grinding polymers.

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