Our passenger car and heavy-duty diesel engine oil additives deliver performance that meets the demands of the newest vehicles and industry requirements, whether related to fuel economy, emissions, wear protection, preignition events or other emerging demands of the automotive and commercial vehicle markets. In addition to preventing wear and deposit buildup, they improve the engine oil's contribution to fuel economy. Our packages also increase oil resistance to oxidation and deterioration at high temperatures.

Of particular note, IPAC 6510 is a new booster package designed for use with our cascadable packages in formulating a wide range of PCMO and HDD engine oils. The IPAC 6510 booster expands coverage of many cascadable packages to the newest profiles on the market. It provides excellent dispersancy and ashless detergency to manage soot, sludge and engine contaminants – resulting in improved engine cleanliness, thermal stability and oxidation protection.

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